Session type:


Presented by:

Sarah Bryer


Session time:

30 May 11:30 13:00

Session duration:

90 minutes

About the session

This session aims to clarify the distinctions between introversion, anxiety, and lack of confidence while debunking misconceptions.

Practical coping mechanisms and strategies will be shared to help individuals thrive personally and professionally.

Participants will gain insights on leveraging introversion as a valuable trait, managing anxiety, building confidence, and fostering holistic personal growth.

Participant takeaways:

  • Debunk misconceptions and clarifying definitions
  • Embrace introversion as a valued trait
  • Understand anxiety and develop coping mechanisms
  • Build confidence and overcome self-doubt
  • Thrive through integration and growth


Mental health, Inclusivity, Working with others

This session:

  • Includes interaction
  • Has no number cap

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