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Presented by:

Stu Church

Pure Usability Ltd

James Chudley


Session time:

29 May 15:45 16:45

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

In an era dominated by technological revolution, design thinking's impact on economic and cultural success is undeniable.

However, its focus on 'designing for the user' often neglects the broader real-world implications of the complex systems within which the things we design are used.

In this talk, we will advocate for embracing evolutionary and ecological theories as a toolkit for understanding and designing for our dynamic and interconnected world.

By exploring questions about innovation speed, efficiency, and societal impacts through this lens, attendees will gain insights into enhancing UX design, fostering creative problem-solving, and developing impactful, innovative solutions.

Participant takeaways:

  • How a better understanding of natural biological systems will help to improve their design practice
  • The importance of considering the context of how and where your designs will be used
  • How to think about your work in different ways that will enable them to take different approaches to problem solving
  • How to adopt systems thinking approaches to help you design more impactful, innovative and effective design solutions.


Design practice, Systems thinking, Sustainability, Biomimicry, Designing systems

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