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Presented by:

Nicola Dunlop

Clarity AI

Session time:

09 Jun 15:15 16:00

Session duration:

45 minutes

About the session

Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) is a product development theory that seeks to understand the user’s measurement of success when achieving an end goal and how users engage with products to maintain this success.

Throughout the course of time users continue to ‘hire’ products that help them complete tasks more efficiently — products that fail to deliver on efficiency will subsequently be ‘fired’.

In this session, Nic will discuss JTBD in more detail by sharing various research methods within the framework. We will discuss how JTBD seeks to understand the user’s measurement of success and how to frame product development opportunities based on this knowledge.

The objective will be to empower teams to learn more, take action and use the framework in their practice.

Jobs To Be Done, Framework, Research, User Research, Competitor Review, User Needs, Customer Discovery, Prioritisation, Design Thinking, Product Design, Product Development

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