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Presented by:

Emily Allinson

Opencast Software

Session time:

09 Jun 11:15 12:00

Session duration:

45 minutes

About the session

More people than ever are looking to switch careers into UX, matched by increasing demand for UX skills from clients.

This seems like an easy step into a ready and waiting job market...but it’s not that simple.

There are barriers to entry that exclude, blocking potential diversity of skills, experience and talent. 

In this talk Emily will share findings from research they did into the needs of career switchers, and how you can do your part in opening up UX.


This is primarily a talk for design leaders and employers of UXers in the audience, so that we can learn more about how to increase the number of UXers in the UK.

But for career switchers in the audience, talking about this topic could help to open up the field a bit more, through showing that we’re open to having people move into UX. It may give them more confidence in moving into UX and securing a satisfying and rewarding career.

Participant Takeaways:

  • Awareness of the career switchers journey
  • Key barriers at each stage of the journey
  • Ideas for how to tackle these

Leadership, Career, Inclusivity, Career Pathways, Design Leadership, Recruitment, Switching Careers

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