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Presented by:

Rose Clarkson

Lloyds Banking Group

Session time:

31 May 15:15 16:00

Session duration:

45 minutes

About the session

We used to believe that trees competed with each other for light. Now we know that forests are a connected community of different species that work in harmony to share sunlight and nutrients.

This talk will share lessons from nature that have shaped me as a design leader with a disability, and how these relate to creating a truly inclusive environment that will enable diversity to flourish.

Inspired by nature, tested on humans.

Participant takeaways:

  • Ideas to help you create a more inclusive culture where you work
  • Practical tools you can use to put these ideas into action straight away
  • The inspiration to use what makes you different as a strength
  • An irrational love of moss


Inclusion, Culture and collaboration, Leadership

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