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Presented by:

Gerry Scullion

Founder of The Human Centered Design Network (This is HCD)

Session time:

08 Jun 09:45 10:45

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

It’s natural for humans to crave simplicity. We love to think that the products or services that we create, have all gone through the designer's hands, that somehow improves the experience to the person using the service.

But we all know, the road to get there is extremely complex.

We are expected to navigate treacherous conditions that more often than not, have a direct impact on the practitioner's life, much beyond the hours of 9-5. 

In this keynote, Gerry will cover off three key areas;

Complex Systems
He will unpack the common bottlenecks within design processes and focus on how to work with these challenges. 

Complexity within Nature
He will discuss what we can learn from nature and how other species work with complexity. I will talk about starling murmurations and how it interrelates with fluid dynamic systems that we find ourselves working within

Care-Full Design
He will cover what we mean by complexity mindset and provide a definition - covering areas such as; 

  • Opening channels of vulnerability
  • Opening up channels for dialogue and;
  • What this means regarding duty of care for both the organisation and the change-maker.

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