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Presented by:

Daragh Anderson

Arup & Associates

Session time:

31 May 15:15 16:00

Session duration:

45 minutes

About the session

As creative problem solvers, designers, and technologists, we are naturally among those first compelled to innovate by using emerging technologies.

The rise of AI and generative tools in user experience & interaction design is, of course, no exception to this. But are designers too trusting of the 'black box' these technologies represent? How can we better understand their inherent and invisible biases? Who owns the tools we are increasingly exploring? Can we trust them? What are our roles and responsibilities as both users and designers of these tools?

This session aims to reframe the hype and mystery around the AI gold rush to help others identify, audit and mitigate against a world of increasingly invisible bias.

Participant takeaways:

  • What is invisible bias in AI and why should you care
  • Lessons we can learn from auditing bias when we use, or build AI tools
  • How the UX community has a key role in challenging & correcting this


Designing better AI tools, UX for AI, UX for emerging technologies, AI impact on UX

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