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Presented by:

Jeff Gothelf

Author, trainer and public speaker,

Session time:

29 May 10:00 11:00

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

The original edition of Lean UX (now in its 3rd edition) was published in 2013. In the decade-plus since its publication UX design work has changed significantly. We're designing for new types of users, new interaction paradigms and using new tools to do so. At the same time the future of UX work, like every other discipline, is changing with the broad, and often indiscriminate, implementation of AI. 

And yet, the conversations we're having are still the same. Do we really need to do research? Do we have budget to hire a designer? Can't we outsource that (to AI)? How do we make time for design work when the goal is to deploy code?

In this talk, Jeff Gothelf, co-author of Lean UX, will share what's gotten better since the book came out, what's stayed the same and what's gotten worse. Jeff will share examples of companies that 'get it' and those who still struggle to bring a customer-centric view to their products. He'll share what techniques have helped Lean UX take hold and anti-patterns to work around to build better collaboration, agility and products. Along the way we'll laugh, we'll cry, it'll be better than Hamilton. 

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