12 – 14 June 2019

Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

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Session duration:
90 minutes

Presented by:

Jessica Cameron


About this Workshop

Curated lists of recommendations – for products, programmes, or even services – make users’ decisions easier by limiting the options available to them. But is offering fewer choices necessarily the same thing as creating good user experiences? When an increasing proportion of what users see at all is determined by algorithms, how can we as UX professionals make sure that these experiences continue to be as valuable for users as they are for online retailers?

In this session, we will consider how insights from psychology, behavioural economics and workshop participants' own experiences can help us evaluate, design - and even make better choices ourselves.

About the Speaker

Jessica Cameron is a native New Yorker living in Edinburgh. She is Lead User Researcher at Mudano, where she is helping to develop the autonomous project.

Jessica has a PhD in experimental social psychology from Stanford University, and uses qualitative and quantitative research techniques to study people’s attitudes and behaviours. Her research has helped improve user experiences in financial services, the public sector, travel and e-commerce. Jessica has taught undergraduate and graduate level courses at Stanford and the University of California at Berkeley, and she has been involved in developing and delivering training courses in areas including user-centred psychology, UX benchmarking and accessibility.

Jessica has come to terms with the pizza in Scotland, but she has given up on ever having a decent bagel again.


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