12 – 14 June 2019

Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

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60 minutes

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Dr Tim Dixon


About this Tutorial

Which metrics do you use to plan the outcomes of future projects? How many times have you been asked to show the impact of the work you've carried out? What methods are available to ensure these approaches are robust and valid? This talk will build on the existing Digital Impact Framework to provide a practical approach to considering the holistic impacts of UX for both the organisation (through process and innovation improvements) and the user (as an individually and collectively).

About the Speaker

I’ve long been interested in the strategic use of data to support greater understanding of the outcomes of technological innovations. My PhD in human factors psychology (2003-07) focused on usability of image fusion processes, tested using task-based assessment, scanpath analysis, qualitative feedback and computational metrics of image quality.

Following stints training in big business in Barcelona and lecturing at Bath Spa University, I worked as a socio-economic researcher focusing on digital projects, leading evaluations and impact assessments for local and national governments, charities and HE institutions.

Since joining Nomensa, I’ve developed the Digital Impact Framework (DIF) alongside the associated Strategic Impact Evaluation (SIE) process. In addition to this, I’ve been leading user research and strategy projects, exploring quantitative approaches to UX research and design and directing projects for public and private sector organisations and charities.


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