12 – 14 June 2019

Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

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45 minutes

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Ahmed Khalifa

Khalifa Media

About this Tutorial

Lighting, audio and storytelling are all essential in videos. However, captions are often forgotten, even though they can benefit everyone.

You might assume that captions are just for the deaf and hard of hearing. But there are other benefits: learn a new language, access different cultures, improve SEO, watch in quiet environments, increase social media engagements. But it's not just about writing "whatever is said". It is an art. So let's make captions not just a necessity, but also beautiful.

About the Speaker

Ahmed Khalifa is an experienced freelance WordPress SEO consultant, where he works with businesses to increase the visibility and engagement of their WordPress sites.

Ahmed is also hard of hearing; he has been since birth and is gradually experiencing a decline in his hearing. Combining his professional and personal experiences have allowed him to understand how important it is for everyone to have access to content and how this can benefit the content creator too. While most people assume that captions can benefit the deaf and hard of hearing, they can also benefit more people than you think and play a great part in improving many users' experiences when consuming video content.

As well as running his consultancy business, Ahmed also documents and celebrates the d/Deaf culture at Hear Me Out!.


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