12 – 14 June 2019

Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

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Session duration:
60 minutes

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Susan Blue


Jasmine Probst

Facebook / Instagram

About this Tutorial

Making sure people feel understood is hard enough in real life, let alone online. A lot of teams think about voice and the response they want to evoke. But considering how someone may be feeling when using a product, rather than how you WANT them to be feeling, is the best way to infuse an experience with genuine personality. Enter the almighty art of modulating tone. Our talk shows how to create digital interactions that feel meaningful.

About the Speakers

Susan Blue

Susan Blue is a content strategist at Facebook on the Community Integrity team, where she helps develop products for people who are having difficult experiences on Facebook. She teaches classes to other content strategists at the company about voice and tone. Susan started her career as an English teacher and has done some combination of editing, writing and content strategy for 20 years now at places including Citysearch and AOL. She has a BS in English education and an MA in English.


Jasmine Probst

Jasmine Probst is a content strategy director and head of content strategy for Instagram. She has been named one of Fast Company’s 100 most creative people in business. Her work spans a diverse range, including ways for people to rediscover memories, support charitable causes and have options for what happens to their accounts after they pass away. Before her adventure in Silicon Valley, Jasmine was an independent consultant focused on lifestyle branding. She has a BFA in electronic media and an MBA in design strategy.


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