12 – 14 June 2019

Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

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60 minutes

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Joe Macleod

Author of Ends. Founder of AndEnd

About this Endnote

We overlook designing the end of the consumer experience. This sacrifices consumer action, holding back engagement, limiting reflection and responsibility. Long term side effects of this seen across sectors. Consequences include climate change, industries fined billions for mis-selling and individuals eroding their online reputations.

Improving the design of endings promises enormous opportunities. Through collaborative off-boarding businesses gain richer communication with their customers. Endings improve the accuracy of deleting, reclaiming or removing materials. They raise brand perception through loyalty and increase re-engagement. Businesses with better endings surprisingly have higher consumer satisfaction.

Product creators have an opportunity and responsibility to lead in this emerging field of design. Utilising new tools and approaches to aid off-boarding in product, digital and service sectors.

With the world in need of responsible consumer experiences endings will be a competitive differentiator.

About the Speaker

Joe Macleod has decades of product development experience across digital, product and service sectors. Previously Head of Design at the award-winning studio Ustwo. He then spent 3 years on the Closure Experiences project researching, writing and publishing the Ends book. He now speaks at conferences across the world and is the founder of andEnd - the world’s first customer ending business.


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