12 – 14 June 2019

Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

Session type:
Case Study

Session duration:
45 minutes

Presented by:

Emma Craig


About this Case Study

We speak and listen to others daily, yet the intricacies of connecting with others on a level that surfaces insights and authentic understanding is much more difficult. Everyone benefits from understanding the humans using their products - and there exists a valuable wealth of knowledge about the user experience if you’re able to connect deeper than superficial preferences or feedback. How often do we provide space for our users to communicate how an experience makes them feel?

Words like “empathy” and “active listening” are thrown about in this industry, but how might we actually create safe spaces for our users to communicate their feelings, and needs, affected or influenced by the things we’re building? This session covers exercises and frameworks that I employ when conducting research to create fertile spaces for human understanding.

Be ready to step slightly outside your comfort zone and to walk away from this session and into richer conversations with the humans using your product.

About the Speaker

Emma Craig is a UX Research Lead at Shopify, and has always been driven by a deep curiosity for human behaviour. Beyond understanding if a product works for the user, Emma seeks to understand the environments, behaviours and attitudes surrounding a person’s interaction with the product to better sense the human experience. Recently, that experience has been online shopping and buyer behaviour.

Complementing her full-time role as a researcher, Emma teaches yoga and meditation in Montreal, providing yet another avenue to connect to and figure out humans. Drawing from both disciplines, she’s striving to make shopping a little calmer, and commerce a little more sustainable.

In her spare time, Emma co-organises Montreal’s UXR Circle, participates in Hacking Health, or can be found bicycling around trying to find better places to a read a book.


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