12 – 14 June 2019

Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

Session type:
Case Study

Session duration:
45 minutes

Presented by:

Kit Oliynyk

Capital One

About this Case Study

I'll talk about the new ethos of makers - responsibility for our legacy, sustainability and social good. I'll show case studies of companies and products that are making our lives and our society worse. And I'll share 3 areas of transformation where we as an industry can get better:

- prevent dark patterns, ensure accessibility and inclusion
- ask future-proofing questions to detect ethical risk zones
- share beliefs that empower us to care about people, together

About the Speaker

I’m a senior creative director at Capital One, passionate about design culture, design ops and design storytelling. My job is is fostering a strong design organisation at large scale and integrating a human-centric design culture across the entire company, while empowering designers to get better as people and as professionals, develop their careers and share their stories of design impact. While having a strong background in product, service and interaction design, I’m constantly learning, and I’m sharing my knowledge with our designers, our business partners and the design industry worldwide.


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